Monday, September 20, 2004

Two Weeks Notice

I love Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant in this movie, they were awesome and hilarious. At first, when I saw that Hugh Grant would be co-starring in this movie, I thought it would surely be a rip-off and did not feel like watching it. But now, I cannot think of any other actor to co-star with Sandra Bullock, who makes the whole thing come together. I find she is one of the only female comedians worth admiring, since she naturally is funny. And are you sure Hugh Grant is 44 this year? He looks like he is in his mid-30s! Though not as young as Brad Pitt does for a man in his 40s, but Grant is 4 years older than Pitt. Anyway, this is a great movie to watch, and Bullock and Grant perform great together.

This movie is a romance comedy about Lucy Kelson, a woman with a Harvard law degree who speaks English, German and Japanese, is rough around the edges, demanding, persistent, someone who puts 1000% effort when she is on the job, uptight, has practically never been in love, is uninterested in money and would rather help and aid the needy, and spends her life fighting against people like George Wade. Wade is her billionaire boss who heads an extremely successful and big company (like Trump) which tears down old buildings to make room for new ones, and is selfish, eccentric(walks around his office in only a bath towel), silly, handsome, reputably attractive who has married and divorced many times and known to sleep with his assistants(the reason why he prefers to hire female ones), and is the boss from hell. He hires Lucy as his newest assistant and brilliant chief counsel and thus constantly relies on her to make his decisions and is driving her to the edge, like calling her a 2:15AM when she's sleeping to simply chat, shows her little respect and expects her to help him pick out a wife and clothes - to the extent of calling her from her best friend's wedding so she could rush over to his place and help him pick out a suit. And since she is such a good employee, when she wants to quit, he calls all the big companies and tells them not to hire her (the extent of his eccentricity).

Alright, that's the introduction of the characters and I leave you to decide if you want to watch it or not. Because believe me, it is very good and funny. The best Sandra Bullock movie yet.

My rating: 3.5/5*


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