Sunday, October 17, 2004


A group of young archeologists excavate a medieval site where a citadel called Castlegard stood, a place of history which impacted the French and English nations. It was at Castlegard 600 years ago that the French defeated the English in a long struggle for power over France. There, these archeologists discover a message, written with ink dating 600 years back, from their very own professor who disappeared only a few days ago! It is later discovered that their professor had gone back in time to see Castlegard itself in its prime, but was captured by the English and accused of being a spy. Thus, the archeologists and sent back in time in order to retrieve their professor. One of those going back is his son, Chris Johnston (Paul Walker). And another two of the group are Kate Ericson and Andre Marek (Gerard Butler). So using this machine which uh... accidentally discovered time travel, they are transported back to 14th century France where the French and English are at war. And they are transported to the very day when the English will be defeated.
On their search for the professor, they run into a lot of trouble and action and adventure, narrowly escaping the English several times but eventually manage to find the professor. But sadly, of the 7 who came to rescue the professor, only 3 survive in the end. But after falling in love with Lady Claire, the sister of the French captain, Lord Arnaut, Marek stays behind while Chris, Kate and the professor return back to their time. Ooh, and the best part is, they, being archeologists digging at the ruins of Castlegard, find Marek's sarcophagus and read the inscriptions on it: Died 1382. And Kate says aloud, "Born 1971."! Gerard Butler played a guy who was born in 1971 and died in 1382. How cool is that?!
The main storyline is simple, but the details are very interesting. This is no epic movie, but is something nice to watch if you are bored at home with nothing to do. It will entertain you and turn you away from your boredom.
My rating: 3.5/5*


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