Thursday, December 02, 2004

Alexander (Warner Bros.)

I really do not know why that Safra magazine claimed that it would be far greater than "TROY". It was not! "Alexander" does not stand a chance against "TROY", much less even rival it. The movie was nothing I haven't really seen before.

The movie follows the life of Alexander(Colin Farrell) the Great (but I sometimes call him Alexander the Bitch) when he is a little boy to the moment of his death, then on the aged Ptolemy(Anthony Hopkins), an old friend of Alexander, who narrates the story. The movies tells of him with the love-hate relationship between his parents, King Philip(Val Kilmer) and Queen Olympias(Angelina Jolie), his life as a boy and the schemes of his mother to put him on the throne after Philip (I love this quote he said, "Why do I need a horse for? I already have a wife!"). Then of Alexander's conquests and his marriage and his relationship with his closest companion, Hephaistion(Jared Leto). And then after that, his death and a slight aftermath.

It was 3 hours long and only contained two big battle scenes (one against the Persian army and the other against the Indian army), the rest was all drama of Alexander's life. At some parts I hardly could hear what the actors were saying because of the war noise. And the story was difficult for me to understand. I left the cinema with these questions: Who or what killed Alexander? Who or what killed Hephaistion? And one or two more which I cannot recall at the moment. The movie got me rather confused, didn't Alexander die of malaria?
But on the whole, it was not a complete wreck. I gave it an 8/10 stars in the IMDB voting. The camera direction was so-so, but the music was entrancing. They played the same tune during the inspirational moments, like when young Alexander tamed Bucephalas (almost cried at that part. Bucephalas was so beautiful!), when Alexander spoke words of courage to his army, and especially during the end credits. I will say that the movie is rather worth watching.
Oh yes, in the movie (and in fact), Alexander was gay. I was shocked! He kissed a sissy male Indian dancer, and got too close for comfort with Hephaistion. When Hephaiston was poisoned, Alexander suspected his wife to be the culprit (she being jealous that Alexander loves Hephaiston more than her), so he furiously confronts her and says, "You took away the one person I ever loved!" May I stress the words 'one' and 'loved'. No wonder Brad Pitt turned the role of Hephaiston down when it was offered to him! I researched and found this statement: Brad Pitt was considered for the role of Hephaestion, but turned down the role due to personal concerns with the character. 'Personal concerns', code for 'he did not feel comfortable playing gay'.
The movie was rated M18, but I managed to get in without being questioned. I thought it would be M18 because of the war violence as I think I read somewhere. Sure, the war was bloody like when the enemy was going to kill Alexander who was down on the ground, but a friend came and cut off the man's arm which fell onto Alexander. And they show the man with his leg freshly chopped off and they slice off the elephant's trunk and the blood here and there. Well, to me, it isn't much since I'm pretty used to seeing gore. I was pretty disappointed as I expected it to have lots of gore. But no, the M18 rating was for the nudity. Alexander's wife was shown bare during the scene where Alexander was forcing himself onto her. By the way, I think they 'stole' that scene from the one in "TROY" where Achilles and Briseis made out that first night. Colin Farrell also striped down - in front of that sissy Indian guy! When he removed his robes, the camera was behind him, so it only showed his bare butt. But then Colin raises his leg to climb into his bed, thus 'it' was quite visible. But that was the end of the nudity parts. Another reason for it being rated M18 is for the mature content. You know, gayism here and there, men kissing men and passing each other gay looks and gestures.

Now I have never really liked Colin Farrell that much. But after seeing him in "Alexander", I really like him! He worked out good for the role and looked really hot as Alexander. Love those biceps (but still not as nice as Eric Bana's). After watching this movie, I realize that Colin Farrell has a very sympathetic look on his face (like Eric Bana, only more sympathetic). He's got puppy-dog eyes. And I never realized how good looking he really is, especially with long and blonde hair!

Well, I think I have said enough. The verdict, watch it, it is really rather worth it. I will not say that you will not regret it, but watch it. It is good!

My rating: 4/5*


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