Wednesday, March 09, 2005

George and the Dragon

George(James Purefoy) is an English knight who has had enough of battles and wishes to settle down. But he has a final quest to complete - rescue the good king's daughter, Princess Luuna(Piper Perabo), who has disappeared. He is to take her home to marry the unscrupulous Lord Garth(Patrick Swayze) who will thus rule the kingdom. With help from old Elmendorf and young Wryn, they set out on their quest. They find Luuna alone in a cave deep in the woods, and it appears she does not want to be found. It also appears that she is protecting a dragon's egg, ready to hatch any day now. The mother dragon, which watched over Luuna during her time in the dragon's keep, had crawled into the lake 3 days earlier and had not returned. She had died from her wounds and now Luuna wishes to save the very last dragon. She stops George's numerous attempts to destroy the egg (particularly with a club to his head) and finally gets him to agree to help her protect it until it hatches. Finally, Garth captures Luuna to force her to be his bride. George battles him and another fearsome group of villains while the baby dragon emerges out of the shell. And it appears that the mother did not die, but returned for her baby. Well, as we all know, the villain dies, the hero gets the girl and as for the dragon, she disappeared with her baby into the lake, never to emerge again. The dragons keep their secret only to become legends.

A short movie, 85 minutes only, but pretty good and serves well as entertainment. Although the special effects are not at all the best, they are acceptable and the acting is awesome! And the humor! *laughs* This is no epic or a large-scale movie, but a small and simple and good one. Did I mention that James Purefoy looks absolutely delicious in that knight's armor?
My rating: 3/5* (I'd consider 3.5 though)


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