Monday, March 14, 2005


This morning, I watched "Hamlet", starring Mel Gibson. Now you might know that I detest Mel Gibson, mainly because I hate "Passion of the Christ" and I find him totally unattractive. But I do not know why, I am puzzled, but I totally got me in "Hamlet". He's bearded and he has a nice haircut and he looks awesome in that movie! And does he look quite sexy in his medieval-Denmark costume. And the best thing about him - his voice. Oh I love that voice!!! "Hamlet" is a classic play written by Shakespeare and is one of his many plays to be made into a movie.

The movie is about the prince of Denmark, Hamlet(Mel Gibson), whose discovers that his father's death is caused by his uncle (who now takes the crown and has married his mother), and his mother herself, Queen Gertrude(Glenn Close). At first, Hamlet buys the story, about his father dying of a serpent bite while he slept in the garden. But when his father's ghost appears to him, he tells him of his "murder most foul". Thus Hamlet vows to have his revenge. He acts mad before people. (Which is quite tickling actually. Like how he threw a paper ball at the priest's head and tipped the ladder when the priest was on it etc.) Well, he lays in wait for the perfect time. A few events occur and the final scene is a duel between Hamlet and Laertes(Nathaniel Parker). Laertes blames Hamlet for the death of his sister, Ophelia, whom Hamlet loves and had gone mad in his absence and drowned in the brook. So he dips the tip of his sword in a deadly venom, and when Hamlet is not looking, slashes his arm, thus injecting the poison. Laertes is then stabbed by Hamlet with his own venomed sword. Laertes then tells Hamlet about the poison, the king's schemes and asks for forgiveness for killing Hamlet, before dying. Hamlet forgives him. In that same scene, Hamlet's mother dies of poisoning. Hamlet is pissed off and finally runs his sword through the king, before addressing his best friend, Horatio, and himself dying.
It is a drama, all talk and no real fighting. The duel between Hamlet and Laertes is not exactly a fight, it's more like fencing kind of fight, where there's a 'referee' and rules. This movie will be loved by drama-lovers and the acting is awesome! I have never seen Mel Gibson in a better performance!
My rating: 3.5/10*


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