Friday, March 25, 2005

The Mummy

If I had to describe this movie in one simple word, it would have to be: 'Fun'! It is not epic, it is not just alright, it can only be described as fun! IMDB categorizes it under horror, but I find that it can also be categorized under comedy! There are quite a few freaky/creepy moments and sudden surprises which can make one jump in shock. But there are many parts which will just make you laugh out loud! For example, 4 guys had only one two-seater airplane and they had to all go together. So while the pilot and the hero take the seats, the other two are strapped to the wings. And then there's the significance of screaming. The screaming in this movie does not only represent fear or shock, but also competition. Like at the beginning, when the mummy roars at Rick, he screams right back at him. And towards the end, Rick screams long and loud fiercely at the 4 mummies before him. And together they roar even louder and fiercer back at him, and he goes, "Uh-uh (as in, 'no, I don't think I wanna take these guys.')" and then takes off. Anyway, here is a story:

In ancient Egypt, the pharaoh’s high priest, Imhotep, falls in love with his mistress, Princess Anck Su Namun. They murder the pharaoh in his chambers and Anck Su Namun then kills herself. Imhotep then steals her body and attempts to resurrect her, but the ritual is interrupted by the pharaoh’s bodyguards who condemn Imhotep to the HomDai, the worst of all ancient curses, that if he should rise again, he would bring with him the 10 plagues of Egypt. He is sealed with a key inside his sarcophagus and buried in Hamutaptra, city of the dead where the descendants of the bodyguards stand guard to make sure he does not rise.
3000 years later, British siblings Evelyn & Jonathan Carnahan, find that very key. They then seek out the American adventurer, Rick O'Connell to lead them to Hamutaptra, since he has been there before. With a competition group of wild Americans, they race to Hamunaptra. There, they meet Ardeth Bey, leader of the bodyguards. His attempts to make them leave fail and after reading from an ancient book, Imhotep walks again. Although it has been 3000 years, his love for Anck Su Namun has not died and he aims to resurrect her still. His chosen sacrifice - Evelyn (whom he mistakes for Anck Su Namun at first). Then it is a race against time for Rick, Jonathan and Ardeth to save Evelyn and return Imhotep to his grave and save the world. They battle huge sandstorms, slaves of Imhotep, plagues and more mummies and then race to get out of the city before it crumbles.

My analysis on the story:
In life, Imhotep betrayed the pharaoh who trusted him so. He seduced his mistress and murdered him. He then tried to resurrect her. Then he is cursed and goes on a killing spree as the curse states, thus is labeled the evil villain in this story. But from what I see, I would not call Imhotep 'evil'. He was a naughty man in life, doing the things he did. He should not have murdered the pharaoh, but trying to resurrect her and all, he did in the name of love. After all, they say love can make one do things they never thought they would do. And him coming back from the dead, killing people and endangering the world, I do not really blame him. It's the curse. In order for him to resurrect Anck Su Namun, he had to regenerate by sucking the living dry. So I doubt he had a choice, driven by love, thus not thinking one bit. You really have got to admire this guy, this kind of lover is hard to find. After 3000 years, his love is still so strong, he goes to great lengths and stops at nothing to bring his girl back and even risks his life for it. How many guys would do that, I ask you?
But I really really really feel so sorry for him after watching the sequel. He sacrifices so much for her, loves her so much and gives his soul for her. And how does she repay him? Runs for her life when he calls for her to help him while Evelyn risks her own life to save Rick, who is in the same situation as Imhotep at that moment. Only then does he realize the kind of 'love' they share. His eyes become soaked and... I'll let you watch for yourself.
I would say, although if I were Rick or Evelyn or civilian, I would definitely want Imhotep killed and sent back to the underworld. But as a viewer, as the audience, I really find that Imhotep is the victim here.

A very thrilling and entertaining movie. You should definitely not miss it. Prepare to get shocked, prepare to get creeped out, prepare to laugh! A good movie, very mysterious, very nice. Tall, handsome, heroic, professional yet humorous, Brendan Fraser is perfect for the role of Rick. Sweet, beautiful, stubborn, smart, brave, Rachel Weisz portrayed an excellent Evelyn with a touch of her own humor to the character. This movie is, I say again, just so fun!
My rating: 4/5*


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