Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Odyssey

Today, the new show I watched was "The Odyssey", a made-for-TV movie. It was nice, 3 hours, very interesting. It is based on another famous poem written by Homer, the writer of 'The Iliad' which tells of Troy.

The movie follows the hero, Odysseus(Armand Assante), the wise king of Ithaca in Greece. His wife, Queen Penelope(Greta Scacchi) has just given birth to a son, Telemachus. But Odysseus cannot enjoy the birth of his son because Kings Agamemnon and Menelaos of Mycenae and Sparta have come to Ithaca to summon him to fight at Troy. Odysseus goes and spends 10 years not seeing his home and family fighting the war. After he comes up with the Trojan Horse which leads to the fall of Troy, he unknowingly angers the God of the Seas, Poseidon, who keeps him from returning home, sending him towards untold dangers. While Odysseus and his men struggle to return home, Penelope is forced to hole off unscrupulous suitors trying to claim her and his property thinking that Odysseus is dead. They even plan on removing the fast-growing Telemachus.
Meanwhile, Odysseus is bent on seeing home again. He runs into many misadventures, battles deadly creatures(Cyclops, Scylla, Charybdis), meets a few gods(Aeolus, Circe, Calypso), even runs into a few Olympians(Athena, Poseidon, Hermes)! He travels to unknown places, one of which being the Underworld itself, seeking help wherever he can. It takes him another 10 years to return home. And if you have read 'The Odyssey', you would know that Odysseus is the last hero to make it home, where he slays all the suitors and reclaims his dear wife and throne.

Indeed, an interesting movie, rather fun. But one thing I absolutely despise about it - during the small sequence of the Trojan War, how they disregarded the greatness of the Trojans, and how they completely dismissed the honor of Prince Hector! They made Hector seem like such a stuck-up, cocky, simple-minded asshole who thought too greatly of himself and got so overconfident that he got killed swiftly! He never was like that, much, and he was not that bloody easy to kill! (Love the shiny golden armor he wore though.) And Achilles, that dickless son of a bitch, was turned into a topless deranged kleptomaniac. And when Achilles drags Hector behind his chariot by the coast, he shouts gloriously, "I killed Hector!!!!!" and the music is the cheerful, triumphant and lively type, not sad, mourning and sympathetic like in "TROY". This show made Hector look like the villain and Achilles the fucking hero! Screw Achilles, he'll never have more honor that Hector did. But at least they got a good looking actor to play Hector. Well, throughout the battle, he was wearing his helmet so his face was hidden. I only got two slight glimpses of his face when his helmet fell of when he was killed. :'( But he was handsome, yes, with shoulder-length blonde hair. The rest of the movie was entertaining, however, I would not strongly recommend "The Odyssey", but I do say that you should just watch it and there is an 80% chance that you will like it. I still stand by my belief - Hector is the true mightiest on both sides. Achilles only beat him because he was a demi-god and Hector is just a mortal man. Hector forever! Troy forever! (Okay, I know I might sound as if I don't know anything to you Achilles-lovers, but I assure you I know the details. Simply going "Hector forever! Troy forever!" is the only fastest way I can get my point through.)
My rating: 3.5/5*


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