Friday, March 04, 2005

Shakespeare In Love (Miramax)

A dramatic comedy about the young and poor writer, William Shakespeare(Joseph Fiennes), who falls in love with Viola de Lesseps(Gwyeneth Paltrow), a rich noblewoman. The movie begins with one of my favorite actors, Geoffery Rush (who's always acting the villain but for the first time I see him as the good guy).

Rush is Philip Henslowe, the owner of the theatre - the Rose, and Will is his writer. Unfortunately, Henslowe is running low on cash and the gangster-ish money lender is moving in. The cash in not coming in because lately, the plays have not been good. And the plays have not been good because Will is suffering from a serious case of writers block. His latest play: Romeo and Ethel the Pirate's Daughter'. (It's supposed to sound lame. He's got writer's block, remember?) Now, this is a time when women are not allowed on stage, but Viola wishes to become an actor so she disguises herself as Thomas Kent. She comes to an audition and captivates Will who casts her, or, as the case might be, him, as Romeo. Soon enough though, Will discovers this Thomas to be the woman he loves, but she is to marry cold-hearted Lord Wessex(Colin Firth). So this and that happen, some funny, some dramatic, their love-life faces many obstacles, and as this happens, Will writes his play as an adaptation of his own love-life with Viola. Then one day, Ned Alleyn(Ben Affleck), an attention-seeking and proud friend of Will who is cast as Mercutio, suggests a new title for the play: Romeo and Juliet. After Viola's identity is revealed, she returns again to play Juliet after the actor loses his voice. Will plays Romeo and the play ends with a thundering applause. But sadly, Viola sails off to America with her husband, Lord Wessex, leaving Will in London to write more plays. Basically, the movie revolves around the completion of "Romeo and Juliet". But it ends with the beginning of "Twelfth Night", thus he named the heroine after his beloved. And you can guess what happened to her after sailing to America if you have read Twelfth Night...

The movie is awesome! Simply beautifully made. Geoffery Rush is hilarious! Gwyneth Paltrow is stunning as Viola, apart from those uncensored nude scenes she was in with Joseph Fiennes, who was spectacular in the role of Will. The story is very original, never seen anything like it before. Watch it if you can. But know that it is M18.

My rating: 4/5*


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