Monday, June 06, 2005


Intro: Today, Calista and I went to Tampinese Mall with the intention to catch "Amityville Horror", but since it was no longer showing, she talked me into seeing "Cursed". At first I was reluctant, but I am pretty glad I went in. After all, it is by Wes Craven, the director of the awesome "Sream" trilogy! "Cursed" is just so thrilling, and just so Wes Craven.

Summary: Driving home, brother and elder sister, Jimmy (Jesse Eisenberg) and Ellie (Christina Ricci) meet with an accident and are bitten by a huge animal which the police pass of as a bear or mountain lion. Ellie does not seem to pay much mind to what animal is was, but Jimmy goes on to investigate and comes to a possibility of a werewolf, which he soon discovers to be true. Now no matter how Ellie will not believe his claim, she begins to experience new things, such as an extremely good sense of hearing and a particularly good sense of smell for blood. Jimmy, the nerdy loser of high school also experiences things like animal-like agility, a sudden rush of confidence and great strength. They begin to show signs of the creatures they will change into if they do not break the curse, the only way being to kill the werewolf which gave them the curse.

Comment: Storyline is simple, as you can see. At first glance, it may look kind of like the dumb old traditional werewolf story - man gets bitten, goes to seek a cure. Well, the movie it just about as such, but what of the content? The movie takes you on a wild thrill ride, distinctively Wes Craven style. I saw a lot of "Scream" tricks in the movie, such as the killer (supposedly dead) coming back for one last scare, or from silence to a sudden burst of music or sound. It was very difficult for me to not cover my ears. Although the ending is rather... uh... hmm... you know, the werewolf death where the cheezy finale 'Praise the Lord' type music playing. But overall it was really quite good. Maybe you'll not find it nice the second time you watch it, as you already know what's around the corner and who's the mysterious werewolf etc, but if it is your first time, you'd love it.

Favorite Character: Hmm... I would have to pick Jimmy. He's adorable, always gets pushed around by the big boys and called names like homosexual. That is, until he beats three of them at wrestling using his new wolf-like powers. And check him out playing Spiderman! Way cool. He is the small, meek kind of guy who finds it difficult standing up for himself. Also he is hilarious, like when he wakes up one morning naked in the bushes with his old neighbour staring at him while watering his plants, and he even gets pummeled by a girl. Funny guy, and look forward to his 'new relationship' with his number 1 bully, Bo. You'll see what I mean... :D

Personel Opinion: Although I really liked the movie and recommend it to those who are looking to catch a light-hearted yet shocking thriller, I really do not like the design of the werewolf. It doesn't really look like a wolf, more like a wombat/koala or a killer teddy bear with sharp beaver teeth. They might have taken some details (especially facial details) from the Lycans in "Underworld". The werewolves in "Van Helsing" are much nicer. Personally, though, I liked it!
My Rating: 3.5/5