Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Curse of the Ring

Intro: "Curse of the Ring" is also known as "Curse of the Nibelungs", a small Norse epic movie made for television. This Nordic legend inspired J. R. R. Tolkein to write his famous "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

Summary: A young blacksmith, Eric (Benno Fürmann), is disturbed by an obscure past - he does not know that he is actually Siegfried, heir to the conquered kingdom of Xanten. He travels with his adoptive father to Burgundy, ruled by King Gunther, and there single-handedly slays the kingdom's bane - the dragon, Fafnir. For years, Fafnir kept a huge treasure in his cave - the treasure of the Nibelungs, a mystic race. Now, having been slain, Eric claims the treasure for himself. However, the treasure comes with a deadly curse which Eric stubbornly ignores, and for that, the curse endangers him and his love to the beautiful warrior queen, Brunhild (Kristanna Løken ).

Comment: A small and simply movie. I was left dumbfounded at the end, since I expected it to be longer. My reaction right when it ended was, "That's it?" I had expected it to be three hours long, but it ended at two. Still, I find that it really is quite a nice movie. Not the best I have seen but it definitely is not one of the worsts. In fact, it was really entertaining. I recommend this to all those period and epic lovers like me. Especially love the twisted love story in it. Pretty cool! I love the theme song. Sounds like something out of 'The Celtic Circle' type. Really, it's a pretty good show. Gotta catch it.

Favorite character: My favorite character is Brunhild, queen of Iceland. She is strong-hearted, fierce, proud, intimidating, beautiful and has got this 'no shit' kind of personality. Plus, she makes all men cower at her feet! I love seeing her in her armour with her swords and war paint on her forehead. In fact, the main reason I watched the movie was to see Kristanna Løken appear as this warrior queen. She is awesome!

Personel Opinion: Seriously, I wish it had gone on longer. Still, it turned out quite well. One thing that kind of bugged me though, was the design of Fafnir. He's a fire-breathing dragon, for goodness sake, not a giant comodo dragon. I don't think they even gave him wings! He looked more like an iguana-godzilla or, the best resemblence, a comodo. You know, with those short, stumpy legs. Oh yea, Siegfried bathed in Fafnir's blood which made his skin invulnerable to harm except for a spot on his back which he failed to wash. Kindda reminds you of Achilles and that furshluginner heel of his, eh? Yea, he was a loser (personel opinion!). Well, all in all, it was a good show.
My Rating: 3.5/5*


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